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  • 30 min
  • Stanley R. McCardle, D.M.D. | Family Dentistry

Service Description

If you frequently wake up with a sore jaw or dull headache, you may be suffering from bruxism, a condition where you clench or grind your teeth while you sleep. Over time, this can lead to tooth damage, gum recession, and other dental problems. A night guard, also known as an occlusal guard or bite splint, can help protect your teeth and prevent further damage by providing a cushion between your upper and lower teeth while you sleep. It's a custom-fitted dental device that is designed to fit over your teeth and is typically worn during the night to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. A night guard can also help alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder, such as jaw pain and headaches, by reducing the amount of pressure on the jaw joint.

Contact Details

  • 812 Mitchell Street, Headland, AL, USA

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